Colibri Mash Agitator

A new design approach for improved mashing.

The design of the agitator plays a key role for the entire mashing process. The agitator should achieve a highly efficient heat transfer
and avoid the “burning” of the mash at the heating zones. The agitator should also ensure a homogeneous distribution of temperature and concentration.

Additionally the agitator should work without higher shear forces, avoiding negative effects on the filtration of mash and beer. Colibri meets this criteria and at a wide range of concentrations and viscosities.

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Key benefits

  • Highest enzymatic conversion rates
  • Most efficient usage of raw materials
  • Shorter mashing times
  • Perfect heat transfer
  • Self-cleaning effect on all heating zones
  • Wing-like profile of the helix agitator blades improve both mixing and heat transfer rates
  • Perforated agitator bars above the bottom heating zone ensure flow and mixing

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The Colibri mash agitator incorporates several key features that contribute to its effectiveness:

Wing-like profile of the helix agitator blades

This unique design element improves both mixing and heat transfer rates, ensuring efficient mashing performance.

Perforated agitator bars above the bottom heating zone

These bars enable controlled flow and mixing, promoting uniform distribution of temperature and concentration within the mash.

Alternating inclined transverse bracings

These bracings intensify the homogenising effect of the Colibri, enhancing mixing and ensuring consistency across the heating zones.

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