Our new brand identity

Ziemann Holvrieka unveils a new corporate identity, emphasising unity, sustainability, and global reach

We are pleased to showcase our updated corporate identity, which represents the fusion of Ziemann and Holvrieka into a single, cohesive company.

“We wanted to present our long, shared tradition even more strongly and visibly as a unit, but also our orientation towards the future.”

says Managing Director Florian Schneider, explaining the relaunch of the Ziemann Holvrieka brand identity.

Florian Schneider

The logo combines a striking emblem, a new icon and fresh colours. The symbol reflects the shapes of Ziemann Holvrieka’s tanks and vessels and points upwards as an expression of high technology, change and dynamism.

With more than 170 years of expertise, Ziemann Holvrieka prioritises sustainable methods while staying at the cutting edge of innovation in the brewing, beverage, and liquid food sectors. Our redesigned logo, modern icon, and vibrant colour palette reflect this dynamic evolution.

While we foster our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, we are growing our global locations and prioritising customer proximity.