Nessie Continous Mash Filtering System

Continuous Mash Filtration System Nessie - Efficient Mash Separation and Filtration.

The Nessie continuous mash filtration system is designed to efficiently separate the mash into wort and spent grains, obtaining the extract through sparging. This dynamic process ensures the production of lauter wort with increased flexibility in raw material selection and batch sizes, while significantly reducing lautering time. The innovative system utilizes four filter units in cascade arrangement, with rotary disk filters effectively separating wort from spent grains. Simultaneously, a turbulent counterflow extraction sparges the extract using finely injected water, flowing opposite to the solids' direction.

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Key benefits

Freedom of Choice

The Nessie system empowers breweries and distilleries to utilise various cereals and starch sources, including regional options that might be unsuitable for modern industrial brewing and distilling. This enables local sourcing and the use of alternative starch sources, providing cost advantages and flexibility in ingredient selection.

Improved Wort Quality

The short contact time of the mash in Nessie results in wort with fewer polyphenols from the malt. Additionally, the system preserves natural ingredients in the wort while keeping undesirable components in the spent grains, leading to superior wort quality.

Shorter Process Time

Nessie reduces process time by up to 30%, resulting in less washing out of undesirable elements, up to 40% fewer polyphenols, increased shelf life, enhanced flavor stability, and higher product quality.

Higher Yield

The efficient extraction and separation achieved by Nessie lead to higher grain yields, translating into cost savings for breweries and distilleries.

More Flexibility

The Nessie system enables the decoupling of wort streams, offering room for optimisation and unleashing the brewmaster’s and distiller’s creativity. Brew sizes are no longer limited by the lauter tun’s size, allowing even the brewing of the smallest batches. Furthermore, Nessie facilitates a first wort concentration of up to 32°P, expanding the variety of beers that can be brewed.


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  • Efficient mash separation into wort and spent grains through four filter units in cascade arrangement.
  • Turbulent counterflow extraction for sparging the extract with water injected through fine nozzles, flowing against the solids’ direction.
  • Freedom to choose between a wide range of cereals and starch sources, including regional options.
  • Short contact time of mash leads to reduced polyphenols in the wort and preserves valuable natural ingredients.
  • Reduction of process time by up to 30%.
  • Higher grain yields and cost savings.
  • Decoupling of wort streams for process optimisation and increased brewing flexibility.
  • First wort concentration of up to 32°P possible.
  • Suitable for brewing or distilling a vast array of beer and distillate styles with improved quality and vital fermentation.

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