Commercial distilling equipment

When it comes to commercial distilling equipment and turnkey distillery solutions, Ziemann Holvrieka and Briggs of Burton are the names you can rely on.

Our Trusted Partner for turnkey distillery solutions: Briggs of Burton

At Ziemann Holvrieka, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient distilling equipment for your business. That’s why we have partnered with Briggs of Burton, a leading process engineering company specializing in turnkey solutions for distilleries worldwide.

With their extensive expertise and engineering capabilities, Briggs of Burton excels in designing and building turnkey distilleries. Their commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our values at Ziemann Holvrieka, making them the ideal partner to deliver top-of-the-line distilling plants tailored to your specific needs.

Bringing Distilling Tanks to Perfection

While Briggs of Burton takes care of the distillery as a whole, at Ziemann Holvrieka, we focus on delivering exceptional distilling tanks. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest precision and engineered to meet the strictest quality standards of the distilling industry. With our cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, you can trust that our distilling tanks will enhance the performance of your distillery.

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T-Rex 2.0: Enhancing Your Distilling Process

The T-Rex milling unit is a reliable and alternative grist mill suitable for distilleries. It excels in processing various ingredients such as malt, barley, rice, maize, and other adjuncts. With both dry and wet milling options, the T-Rex offers versatility that complements different starch sources and lautering technologies used in distilling.

Designed to comminute malt and other ingredients into smaller pieces, the T-Rex ensures optimal grist composition for the mashing process. The quality of the resulting grist directly impacts the efficiency of mashing, fermentation, filterability, and overall flavor profile. With the T-Rex, you can achieve excellent extraction of grists and maximize the potential of your distilling process.



Nessie Continuous Mash Filtering System: Efficient Mash Separation

The Nessie continuous mash filtration system is an exceptional solution for efficient mash separation and filtration in the distilling process. This dynamic system separates the mash into wort and spent grains, obtaining the extract through sparging.

The innovative Nessie system utilizes four filter units in cascade arrangement, with rotary disk filters effectively separating wort from spent grains. This allows for increased flexibility in raw material selection and batch sizes while significantly reducing lautering time. With Nessie, you have the freedom to choose various cereals and starch sources, enabling local sourcing and cost advantages for your distillery.


When it comes to commercial distilling equipment and turnkey distillery solutions, Ziemann Holvrieka and Briggs of Burton are the names you can rely on. Together, we offer the expertise, innovation, and commitment needed to bring your distilling projects to life.