Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Brewery Systems & Equipment

Ziemann Holvrieka offers turnkey brewery systems and equipment, providing compelling overall concepts with perfectly aligned and compatible plant components.

From initial engineering studies to commissioning, we work closely with our customers to deliver customised turnkey brewery plants worldwide. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of the final beer product drives every phase of the project, ensuring top-notch precision and excellence.

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Turnkey Solutions

Why Choose Ziemann Holvrieka for Turnkey Brewery Equipment?

At Ziemann Holvrieka, we take pride in our expertise in turnkey brewery equipment and provide comprehensive packages designed to meet your needs effectively. Our four-step approach guarantees a complete turnkey brewery, delivering profitable investments and successful brewing operations.

Feasibility Study: Discovering Possibilities

With our feasibility study, we explore all viable options based on your specific requirements. We analyse various aspects, including beer types, recipes, volumes, engineering, and product design in our state-of-the-art pilot plant at Ziemann Holvrieka.

Financial Planning: Ensuring Solid Financing

Ziemann Holvrieka assists you in organising solid financing and conducts cost audits at each stage. Our goal is to ensure a speedy return on investment, providing financial stability for your brewery venture.

Engineering and Design: Precision Planning

The exact planning of your production plant is carried out with meticulous detail. Through advanced CAD technology, you can view each vessel, door, and transport route in 3D imaging. P&I diagrams describe the techniques and technology employed, while taking into account future market developments and expansion phases.

Implementation: Bringing Your Brewery to Life

With Ziemann Holvrieka, your brewery project is implemented within budget and on schedule. Our team incorporates technical and technological innovations, including automation, to achieve all guaranteed values. We provide comprehensive training for your personnel, ensuring a smooth start-up and handover of the plant, backed by top-notch technical and technological service.

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Learn more about our customised solutions and how we can help your business grow and thrive with our tank and process technology solutions.

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All-Turnkey Equipment for All Brewery Areas

Ziemann Holvrieka covers every aspect of brewery equipment, ensuring you have everything you need for your brewing operations. Our offerings include:

  • Brewhouse Plant: Turnkey Brewhouse solutions Individually planned and designed for maximum efficiency, offering short brewing sequences, increased sustainability, and maximum flexibility to meet your unique requirements.
  • Cellar Plant: Tailor-made solutions that uphold economic, functional, hygienic, and biological standards, ensuring the character and quality of your finished beer.
  • Production Block: A complete production block from one source, encompassing efficient brewhouse technology, well-designed cellar plant equipment, and energy-conscious utility planning.

Industrial Brewing Equipment by Ziemann Holvrieka

Ziemann Holvrieka provides future-oriented solutions for the industrial brewing industry worldwide. From Raw Material Handling, mash vessels, lautering technologies, wort kettles, tanks and cooling systems, we offer high-quality, efficient components to meet your needs.

Craft Brewery Equipment by Ziemann Holvrieka

Flexibility is key for creative beers, and Ziemann Holvrieka delivers tailor-made solutions to process various raw materials in different quantities. Our range of products and services for craft breweries includes brewing technology, valves, pumps, and components designed for craft brewery conditions, optimizing quality consistency and yield.

Optimised Brewery Plants for a Sustainable Future

Ziemann Holvrieka goes beyond efficiency by incorporating intelligent energy storage and distribution systems powered by renewable energies. Our optimized brewery plants offer technological freedom while promoting sustainability, allowing brewmasters to brew traditional recipes and create innovative beer styles.

Discover the Complete Turnkey Brewery Solution with Ziemann Holvrieka

With Ziemann Holvrieka as your partner, you gain access to complete turnkey brewery solutions, from feasibility studies to implementation, backed by decades of experience and world-class service. Invest in your brewery’s success with Ziemann Holvrieka’s top-notch expertise and cutting-edge equipment.