Warm Block

Brewhouse Equipment: Efficiency meets Quality

Brewhouse equipment plays a crucial role in achieving maximum efficiency, short brewing sequences, highest yields, and bright worts for commercial breweries and large-scale breweries. At Ziemann Holvrieka, we offer technologically sophisticated brewhouse equipment designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers in the commercial brewing industry. Our warm block solutions are tailored for optimal performance and exceptional brewing results.

Warm Block
warm and cold blocks

Brewhouse Equipment

Milling with T-Rex


This milling unit offers versatile and cost-effective solutions for breweries and distilleries. With easy maintenance, compact design, and the ability to mill various starch sources, it ensures optimal grist composition for efficient brewing processes.

Lautering with Lotus, Dragonfly, Butterfly or Nessie by Ziemann


Choose between three alternatives for the lautering process – lauter tun, mash filter, or continuous mash filtration system – based on your preferences and operational requirements in large-scale brewing facilities.

Wortex by Ziemann whirlpool

Holsten Hamburg

Our whirlpool features a conical bottom with a spraying device and a tangential inlet. It allows decanting through various side outlets on the bottom, making it suitable for extreme brewing conditions in commercial breweries.

Mashing with Colibri by Ziemann


Our mash vessels ensure optimum mashing times, excellent extract yields, and gentle handling of the mash, resulting in well-balanced and flavorful beers for commercial brewing operations.

Wort boiling with Shark by Ziemann


Our internal wort boiler, the Shark, goes beyond simple on-off modes. It offers precise control over boiling phases, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and minimizing fouling through the utilization of the Venturi effect in commercial brewing equipment.

Omnium by Ziemann

Omnium by Ziemann

A revolutionary brewing process: Based on the latest product innovation Nessie, Omnium divides brewhouse tasks into subprocesses, optimizing each individually and combining them for optimal results. The process reduces brewing times by up to 30% and increases raw material yields. With features like Aladin for late saccharification and Janus for fractional wort boiling, Omnium offers enhanced control and flexibility. The Omnium brewhouse demonstrates its efficiency and adaptability in the brewing industry.

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Turnkey Solutions and Integration

In addition to our range of brewhouse equipment, Ziemann Holvrieka also offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for entire warm blocks. We understand that seamless integration is vital, and that’s why we provide flexible integration solutions.

Our approach allows our customers to choose equipment from their preferred manufacturers, ensuring flawless integration and optimal performance throughout the entire warm block process in commercial brewing operations.

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