The revolutionary brewing process.

Omnium is a groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting brewing process, introduced by Ziemann Holvrieka, that has sent ripples of excitement throughout the international brewing industry. This innovative and inventive solution marks a significant leap forward, redefining the way brewing is approached and setting a new standard for excellence and efficiency.

Based on the innovative Nessie technology, Omnium transforms the traditional brewing process by dividing it into individual subprocesses, optimising each stage, and seamlessly combining them for exceptional results. This groundbreaking approach enables shorter process times, increased raw material yields, improved wort quality, and accelerated fermentation, which can increase the capacity of a brewery.

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Key benefits

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduces process times for mashing and wort boiling, achieving up to 30% shorter brewing times. This translates to increased productivity and the ability to produce additional batches, even in a two-shift operation.

Improved Raw Material Yield

With dynamic extraction processes tailored to fluctuating malt qualities, Omnium optimises raw material yields. It also allows for the utilisation of alternative or local starch sources, resulting in cost savings.

Superior Wort Quality

Nessie’s efficient separation process reduces polyphenols in the wort, enhancing drinkability. The gentle brewing process and rapid fermentation preserve natural ingredients and improve foam and flavor stability.

Flexibility and Creativity

Omnium’s modular design enables easy optimisation and separation of brewing subprocesses, providing maximum flexibility for brewmasters. Batch sizes are no longer limited by lauter tun capacity, and high-gravity brewing is no longer restricted.

Wide Range of Beer Styles

Omnium allows for the addition of hops at various stages, facilitating the production of a vast variety of beer styles.


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Nessie by Ziemann

The core component of Omnium , Nessie enables continuous separation and extraction of the mash, ensuring efficient wort production and spent grain sparging.

Aladin by Ziemann

A late saccharification procedure during wort treatment that utilises malt enzymes without technical additives, resulting in increased extract yield and time savings during the mashing process.

Janus by Ziemann

Fractional wort boiling for separate hop isomerisation.

Cast-Out Wort Integration

Omnium seamlessly combines the outputs from Aladin, Janus, and other subprocesses to create the final cast-out wort with precise temperature control and enzyme deactivation.

Space-Efficient Design

Omnium requires less floor space, reducing construction costs and making it suitable for breweries with limited space.

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