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We create a 3D layout for each new turnkey project. This makes it clear to everyone involved in the process what the system looks like. You can take a virtual walk through the production facility before construction and see all the details in detail.

As an experienced turnkey provider, we also rely on clear interface management. This clearly describes for everyone where the interfaces are and what the transfer looks like at the interface. This ensures clarity about the place and how of execution.

However, interface management not only affects utilities and units, but also the construction of the building itself.

When designing our systems, we take location factors such as wind loads, earthquake hazards, etc. into account. These factors are incorporated into clear specifications for the construction companies involved. The company knows right from the start how foundations are to be laid, where wall penetrations or drainage systems are to be provided.

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Our offering also includes  process integration from global third-party providers. Our group are not limited to a specific manufacturer. Therefore we can select the best possible solutions in terms of Economy, Technology, Reliability and service.