Large-volume stainless steel tanks for breweries

Ziemann Holvrieka is the market leader in large-volume stainless steel tanks for breweries and complete installations for the cold block.


Market leading tanks

Cylindro-Conical Tanks

As the market leader, we offer top-quality fermentation and storage tanks for breweries worldwide. Our flexible solutions and precision-crafted cylindro-conical tanks ensure optimal functionality and space utilisation in your brewery.

Horizontal Tanks

In addition to our vertical, cylindro-conical fermentation and storage tanks, we also offer precision-crafted horizontal tanks. These tanks, built to your specifications, ensure optimal functionality and space utilisation in your brewery.

Bright Beer Tanks

Enhance your brewery operations with our bright beer tanks. Designed for all requirements and available in various sizes, these tanks ensure the clarity and quality of your finished beer.

Yeast Tanks

The yeast cellar is a critical area, and our electropolished tanks provide the perfect storage solution. With exceptionally smooth surfaces, these tanks promote gentle yeast storage, optimal yeast regeneration, and propagation for superior brewing results.

Water Tanks

We understand the importance of unpressurized water in the beverage industry. Our water tanks, manufactured according to specific requirements, are available in various sizes to cater to different areas of your production process. Rely on our expertise to provide water tanks tailored to your needs.

Cone Surfaces

The surfaces of our tanks’ cones are meticulously designed to allow proper cleaning and complete removal of yeast and sediments. This promotes effective cleaning and ensures the purity and quality of your brews.

Temperature Sensing

Our tanks are equipped with temperature sensing devices in the casing, enabling precise temperature control throughout the brewing process. This ensures optimal fermentation and storage conditions for consistent beer quality.

Catwalk System

The self-supporting catwalk structure of our tanks offers high rigidity and easy access for maintenance and operation. Crafted from stainless steel, the walkways and platforms are durable, corrosion-resistant, and require minimal upkeep.

Custom Installation

Our tank installation variants cater to diverse project requirements. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor installation, our experienced team can design the best arrangement, providing efficient solutions that maximize space utilization and operational convenience.

Shop Fabricated Tanks

Benefit from our cutting-edge production methods, ensuring smooth surfaces and surpassing international standards. Our tanks require less cleaning, guaranteeing reliable quality maintenance and maximum biological safety. With precision manufacturing and hygienic design, we deliver exceptional tanks tailored to your project’s requirements. With our extensive experience, we offer both shop fabricated and on-site fabricated tank solutions.

On-Site Fabrication of Tanks

When tanks cannot be delivered in one piece, we offer on-site fabrication. Prefabricated components are inspected, complying with regulations, and shipped for easy assembly at your brewery. Overcome transportation and logistical challenges while receiving tanks that meet your specific demands. Our expertise encompasses both shop fabricated and on-site fabricated tanks, ensuring optimal solutions for your brewery.

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A wealth of experience

With over a century of expertise, we offer a wide range of high-quality fermentation and storage tanks. Our portfolio extends from individual tanks to complete turnkey plants, providing flexible solutions to meet the unique production requirements of commercial breweries worldwide.

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