Digital Transformation

Embracing the future of modern brewing

The need for greater flexibility, reduced resource consumption, and faster time to market demands innovative solutions. To address these demands, we have embraced digital transformation with "Module Type Packages" (MTP) and the revolutionary concept of a "Digital Twin."

Module Type Packages (MTP): Streamlining the Brewing Process

MTP represents a game-changing approach to standardization and digitalization in brewery construction. Traditionally, various levels of documentation were handed over to customers independently, leading to inefficiencies and information scattered across documents. MTP changes this landscape by combining all relevant data for each process step, including process, mechanics, electrics, automation, and maintenance. By integrating all the data, MTP-capable modules (plant components) speak the same language, streamlining integration efforts on the construction site. The result is a brewery designed with MTP-capable modules, allowing for effortless “plug and produce” capabilities and eliminating unplanned challenges during construction.

With MTP, engineering and commissioning benefit from a high degree of standardization, reducing manual interventions and potential errors. It also provides customers with the flexibility to change or add individual process modules at any time, ensuring adaptability for future needs.

Digital Twin: Breathing Life into Data

Taking digitalization one step further, Ziemann introduces the concept of a “Digital Twin.” This cloud-based data platform gives customers access to all MTP data and offers visualization, simulation, and analysis tools. A virtual tour of the future brewery becomes possible during the early planning stages, providing insights into the process and mechanics. After commissioning, real-time data from sensors feeds into the cloud, enabling complex “what-if” scenarios and proactive maintenance. The “Digital Twin” empowers customers with data-driven decision-making and operational optimization.

Advantages of MTP and Digital Twin:

  1. Shorter implementation period with “plug and produce” capabilities.
  2. Visualization of the future brewery during the planning stage.
  3. Data-driven process simulations and identification of savings potential.
  4. More efficient and proactive maintenance.
  5. Higher availability and reduced operating costs due to fewer breakdowns.
  6. Flexibility for modular additions at any time.

Secure Data Exchange Worldwide

Ziemann Holvrieka ensures secure data exchange using Weihenstephaner standards for brewery projects, allowing standardized transmission of machine and process data to superordinate IT systems. Our turnkey approach with MTP and the Digital Twin is available worldwide, and we have successfully implemented this innovative concept in major projects.

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