Yeast Management

Optimum yeast management for first-class beer quality

Achieve the highest product quality and productivity in your brewery with our advanced yeast management. Rely on our experience and expertise to optimise your brewing process and perfect your beer.

Yeast Management

Our technology for your success

When it comes to beer quality, there can be no compromises – and we at Ziemann Holvrieka know this very well. That’s why we rely on first-class yeast management, which lays the decisive foundation for your excellent beer. From the selection of yeast strains to the professional disposal of spent yeast, we accompany you professionally through the entire brewing process. With our customised yeast management, we ensure that your brewery achieves the highest beer quality.

Highest beer quality

Our yeast management ensures constantly vital yeast, which contributes to consistently high beer quality.

Simple system design

Our yeast management systems are easy to operate and ensure reliable functions in the yeast cellar.

Fully automated processes

Our system is designed for fully automated operation and integrates all cleaning and sterilization steps.

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Our comprehensive solutions for your yeast management include:

Use of different yeast strains

We advise you on the selection of yeast strains that best suit your brewing process.

Organisation of yeast management

Our experts ensure that the yeast is efficiently and safely integrated into the fermentation process.

Yeast propagation

We offer advanced yeast propagation systems that produce highly vital yeasts, either manually or automatically operated yeast propagation solutions.

Yeast harvesting and treatment options

We support you in yeast harvesting and provide yeast treatment solutions, including the use of yeast screens to remove CO2 and impurities for better yeast quality.

Waste yeast treatment with possible beer recovery

We support you in the environmentally friendly disposal of waste yeast and offer options for beer recovery.

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