T-Rex 2.0

Alternative milling unit for both different starch sources and lautering technologies

The T-Rex milling unit is an alternative grist mill used in breweries and distilleries for processing various ingredients such as malt, barley, rice, maize, and other adjuncts. It offers both dry and wet milling options, making it a versatile alternative to wet mills and roller mills. The T-Rex mill has been successfully installed in multiple breweries and one distillery worldwide.

The main purpose of the T-Rex milling system is to comminute malt and other ingredients into smaller pieces to facilitate enzymatic degradation during mashing. The quality of the resulting grist directly impacts various aspects of the brewing process, including efficiency, yield, fermentation, filterability, colour, taste, and overall character. The T-Rex mill aims to achieve optimal grist composition by ensuring complete comminution of husks while allowing for perfect extraction of grists.

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Key benefits


The T-Rex milling unit offers a cost advantage over comparable solutions with the same performance. The easy removal of discs allows for quick replacement without requiring significant time.

Easy maintenance

With a long lifetime for the rollers and short downtime for roller exchange, maintenance is streamlined.

Versatile for different tasks

The T-Rex milling unit offers versatility by allowing the milling of various starch sources through a simple disc profile change.

Compact and lightweight

The compact design of the T-Rex mill ensures a smaller footprint, reducing demands on the building’s weight and space. Its toothed arrangement enlarges the milling zone, providing a threefold increase compared to roller pairs of the same length.

Ideal for replacement/retrofit

The system control of the T-Rex milling unit seamlessly accommodates all types of systems, ranging from analog to fully automated, allowing for effortless integration.


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The T-Rex milling unit incorporates several notable features that contribute to its effectiveness:

The grinder of the T-Rex consists of multiple disks arranged on two opposite shafts. The toothed arrangement of the disks creates a passage area that is three times larger than rolls of equal length. This design enhances the milling process by utilizing shear stress, compressive stress, and cutting stress. The combination of these forces enables fast and energy-efficient milling.

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