Butterfly Membrane Mash Filter

Butterfly by Ziemann: Revolutionising Mash Filtration with Membrane Technology.

Butterfly by Ziemann is a cutting-edge membrane mash filter that brings unprecedented efficiency and performance to the brewing process. It utilises a unique "mixed" plate package design, alternating between chamber plates and membrane plates. The membranes, made of a newly developed thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), ensure exceptional longevity and service life.

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Key benefits

Superior Yield and Wort Quality

Butterfly’s innovative membrane technology enables the extraction of high yields with minimal sparging water. The pressing medium water moves the membranes, pressing out the first wort from the spent grains cake in both directions. This results in excellent wort qualities and maximum extract recovery, minimising weak wort production.

Flexible and Versatile

Craft breweries benefit greatly from Butterfly’s versatility. It accommodates the processing of small batches and easily handles alternative cereals or starch sources. Additionally, it efficiently handles wort types with high extract content, offering maximum flexibility for recipe design and experimentation.

Space-Saving Solution

Butterfly’s compact design requires significantly less space compared to traditional lauter tuns. It provides exceptional performance while optimising the utilisation of available brewing area.


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Double Plate Design

Butterfly’s unique plate arrangement alternates between chamber plates and membrane plates, ensuring efficient filtration and higher filter performance.

Long Service Life

The membranes in Butterfly have a guaranteed service life of 12,000 brews, ensuring durability and longevity.

Fully Automatic Cloth Cleaning

Butterfly is equipped with a patented fully automatic cloth cleaning device. This system cleans each filter cloth thoroughly, down to the pores, within the shortest possible time.

Seamless Integration

Butterfly can easily be integrated into existing brewhouses as a stand-alone solution. Its installation requires only a signal exchange in the control system, making it a convenient and efficient upgrade to enhance the lautering process.

Maximum Wort Extraction

The membrane mash filter technology of Butterfly allows for exceptional wort extraction even with minimal sparging water volume, resulting in higher yields and reduced water usage.

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