R&D for increased sustainability, efficient processes, flexibility and energy saving

Because stagnation means regression, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA engineers are constantly searching for new technological solutions and are continuously developing technical equipment for modern and efficient breweries. The focus here is always one thing: best beers!

2022 06 30 Ziemann Holvrieka 52The pilot brewery of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is located in Ludwigsburg.

Pilot Brewery

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA engineers understand the brewing process because they brew beer themselves - admittedly on a smaller scale than most customers, but nevertheless under realistic conditions. The pilot brewery located in Ludwigsburg enables us thoroughly to test and develop new processes until they are ready for the market to ensure optimal performance and reliability when implemented later.

Our objectives:

  • Technology research & development
  • Process control, MES
  • Training for customers and ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA staff
  • Presentation of state of the art brewing technology
  • Cooperation with suppliers, institutes, customers
  • Developing new technologies

T4100 Services Research and Development 2ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA engineers are constantly searching for improved technological solutions.Process Research & Development

While continuously developing new processes, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA does not work alone. Working in close cooperation with partners is also important in this case. Cooperation with customers and other manufacturers and leading institutes and universities provide extra incentives for innovative and pioneering new developments.

Product developments

You have planned to do a test run for a long time? Is there a new recipe you'd like to try out? We give you the opportunity to test, study and redevelop new technologies from scratch. In our modern, highly adaptable brewery all plant components and methods are available on the technical scale. To guarantee a reproducibility of the results and to document the test cycle, we deliberately chose the scale of 10 hl - from malt intake up to fermentation and maturation. Of course, our pilot brewery is fully automated.

Your opportunities:

  • Develop new technologies and procedures with your raw materials
  • Product development by your own - your technology at a scale of 10hl
  • Inspect the effects of raw material modifications in advance


ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA gets future personnel ready for work in the field of brewing. Our employees convey their skills in training courses. These training courses, held at our pilot brewery in Ludwigsburg and on the customer's premises, make sure that employees are able to operate and maintain the customer's plants perfectly within a minimum amount of time.

Of course, there are numerous other possibilities to use the pilot brewery. Just get in touch. We look forward to hearing your ideas and plans.