Proven brewhouse equipment for the best beers

T3120 Industries Beer BewhouseZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA offers technologically sophisticated brewhouse equipment.

The brewhouse is the heart of every brewery, in which the interaction of the individual components is of the utmost importance. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA offers technologically sophisticated brewhouse equipment, tailored to the special needs and requirements of the customers. Each brewhouse plant is designed for maximum efficiency – short brewing sequences, highest yields and bright worts.

Mashing with COLIBRI by ZIEMANN mash agitator

Our mash vessels enable optimum mashing times, excellent extract yields and a most gentle handling of the mash for well-balanced and tasty beers.

Lautering with LOTUS by ZIEMANN or TCM by ZIEMANN

Lauter tun or mash filter? Brewers have the choice between both alternatives for the lautering process. Thus, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA provides the right solution, taking into account optimum process flows.


Wort boiling with SHARK by ZIEMANN internal wort boiler

We know that an internal wort boiler must comprise more than only the modes “on” and “off”. That is why we have developed the SHARK internal wort boiler  that can be exactly adapted to the individual boiling phases. By benefiting from the Venturi effect, the boiler must be cleaned less frequently and fouling is reduced to a minimum.


ZIEMANN whirlpool – unbeaten technology

A characteristic feature of our whirlpool is its conical bottom with spraying device and the tangential inlet. Decanting takes place via various side outlet or through the bottom. Our whirlpool is suitable for extreme conditions.


Wort treatment with DIAMOND by ZIEMANN

We have developed the DIAMOND in order to allow brewmasters to adjust the wort composition between the brewhouse and the fermentation cellar accordingly and to eliminate precisely these components, which are excessive. The continuous atmospheric secondary evaporation preserves all other important parameters, such as the hop aroma or the protein content of the original wort.



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