Brewery tanks: always highest quality

Fermentation and storage tanks - cylindro-conical tanksT3131 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Tanks 1We offer outstanding quality and remain unequalled on the world market.

T3131 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Tanks 2T3131 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Tanks 3

Our brewery tank portfolio ranges from individual fermentation and storage tanks to complete turnkey plants. We offer outstanding quality and remain unequalled on the world market. This success is based on our manufacturing expertise and the know-how gained in constructing and commissioning countless plants all over the world – all built in close cooperation with our customers.

Bright beer tanks

In addition to fermentation and storage tanks, we also offer bright beer tanks for all requirements and in all sizes.

Yeast tanks

The yeast cellar is a sensitive area. Our electropolished tanks with particularly smooth surfaces ensure a very gentle storage of the yeast as well as optimal yeast regeneration and propagation.

Water tanks

Moreover, we also provide our customers with unpressurized water tanks in various sizes for the different areas of the beverage industry. These tanks are manufactured according to specific requirements and adapted to customer’s needs.

Horizontal tanks

In addition to vertical, cylindro-conical fermentation and storage tanks, horizontal tanks are requested as well. We manufacture these tanks with the highest precision, based on our customer’s needs and requirements.

Details make the difference

The surfaces of the cones allow proper cleaning and complete removal of the yeast and sediments.

Hygenic design of the swivel cone gives our customers the advantage of maximum biological safety.

Temperature sensing device in the casing.

The catwalk with its self-supporting structure has a high rigidity. Walkways and platforms are made of stainless steel and are maintenance free.