WORTEX by ZIEMANN whirlpool – unbeaten technology approved countless times 

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WORTEX with its inverse conical bottom, tangential inlets and different side and bottom outlets does a superior job in separating the trub from the wort. This unique design enables minimum turbidity in combination with shortest whirlpool rest periods.

WORTEX is also suitable for extreme conditions. A customer says: “Our yields have improved dramatically. This ZIEMANN brewhouse technology and this unique whirlpool design help us get the last drop of wort out of the trub, even with our Double IPA with an OG of 21.5°P and 85 Bitter Units.”

Wort treatment with DIAMOND by ZIEMANN preserves hop aroma and protein contentDIAMOND preserves hop aroma and protein content.

With their boiling times and temperatures, modern wort boiling systems provide the required homogeneity and the desired flavour formation and drive off most of the undesired volatile substances. If the brewery were to install downstream a vacuum evaporator or a stripping column, this would be like cracking a nut with a sledgehammer. With regard to the aromatic profile, it is not serviceable to bring the content of free DMS close to zero. For sensory reasons, this is anything but reasonable.

The DIAMOND wort-polishing system consists of two welded cone components. Inlet nozzles direct the wort along a defined route. Afterwards the wort runs off in a spiral-shaped flow. The spiral-shaped flow extends the holding time of the wort in the atmospheric evaporation phase. Thus free DMS is reduced by up to 30 %.

Advantages of the DIAMOND wort polishing system:

  • Protection against too high DMS values caused by raw material fluctuations, without changing the wort composition or the aromatic profile.
  • Favourable investment and operating costs: an energy input, such as using a vacuum pump or stripping gas, is not required.

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