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Yards Brewing Company: A Journey to Success

Philadelphia PA, USA


Yards Brewing Company





Yards Brewing Company: A Journey to Success

Discover the story of Yards Brewing Company, Philadelphia’s largest craft brewery, and their partnership with Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH. Founded in 1994 by Tom Kehoe and Jon Bovit, passionate home brewers, Yards started in a small garage with an output of 3.5 bbl. Fast forward to today, and they have become a major player in the industry, focusing on innovative interpretations of Ales, Porters, and Stouts.

After outgrowing their previous locations, Yards Brewing Company embarked on a new venture. In 2017, they found a 70,000 square-foot facility, allowing them to increase their annual output to about 100,000 bbl, with plans to expand to over 200,000 bbl. The new brewhouse, supplied by Ziemann Holvrieka, includes a canning line, enhancing their capabilities and meeting the demands of their growing fan base.

The brewhouse, designed for twelve brews per day, boasts the latest technology for optimal wort quality. It features the innovative mash agitator Colibri, two Lotus lauter tuns, and an external boiler, providing maximum flexibility for different batch sizes and extract contents. Yards Brewing Company also ordered six cylindro-conical 650-bbl tanks, ensuring ample storage capacity.

With sustainability in mind, Yards remains committed to their green initiatives, including wind energy. The new brewery represents an investment of approximately $24 million, emphasizing their dedication to quality and growth.

Visitors can experience the brewing process firsthand in the taproom, a recommended destination for locals and tourists alike. From the brewhouse to the canning line, large glass panes allow guests to observe every step. The taproom’s outdoor area, nestled beneath the fermentation and storage tanks, provides a unique setting to enjoy Yards’ top-quality beer.

Tom Kehoe’s passion and dedication continue to drive Yards Brewing Company’s success. They have become an integral part of Philadelphia’s identity, just like the Liberty Bell and the iconic “Rocky Steps.” With their commitment to exceptional beer, Yards has truly become a must-visit destination

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