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Grans Bryggeri AS, Norway: Complete hot block plus continuous automation



Grans Bryggeri AS




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Grans Bryggeri AS, Norway: Complete hot block plus continuous automation

The cooperation with Ziemann Holvrieka is also appreciated in Northern Europe. The Norwegian Grans Bryggeri AS, for example, placed a major order with the technology specialist from Ludwigsburg as part of its new brewery construction. The investment goals were clearly defined: The new facility was to be less labor-intensive than the existing one, capable of producing more beer with fewer resources, have a higher degree of automation and be extremely flexible. After all, the third-generation owner-managed company already brews more than 15 different beers.

The order placed with Ziemann Holvrieka specifically included the complete hot block from the malt intake to the wort cooler, as well as 14 CCTs (cylindroconical fermentation tanks) and 14 BBTs (bright beer tanks). The brewhouse is designed for 12 brews per day of 200 hl each. The most modern brewhouse innovations were installed, such as the SHARK by Ziemann internal boiler. In addition to the delivery of the equipment, Ziemann Holvrieka was responsible for the engineering, supervision of the installation and commissioning including training. Also part of the order was the automation of both the hot and cold block on a Braumat basis. It is worth mentioning that the new brewery building was implemented without any significant delays despite the Covid19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions. In the first expansion stage, the new Grans brewery has an annual capacity of 250,000 hl, of which around 150,000 hl are currently being used. With additional tanks, it can be expanded at any time to around 600,000 hl per year.

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