ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA provides individual and tailor-made solutions for the beer, beverage and liquid food industries from a single source. The services are offered worldwide, with the highest quality and the reliability of a global group of experts. The group of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA companies is one of the largest international suppliers for tanks and process technologies.

At this time of concern over COVID-19 ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA would like to assure our commitment to working in the best interests of our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

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Grans Bryggeri in Sandefjord, Norway ++ After the new brewery is completed we get an insight from afar. We learn why a new brewery was necessary, what it was like with Covid-19 and why the brewery decided in favor of Ziemann Holvrieka. Find nice views in our YouTube channel.

How to get quickly tanks for Hard Seltzer? ++ You would like to produce Hard Seltzer, but do not have any tank capacities available? ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA manufactures one tank a day at our facilities in Buergstadt/Germany. This way, we can help you build up additional capacities in a short period of time. Contact us!

Russian River Brewing Company, USA sets new standards with its Greenfield brewery ++ As is so often the case in the USA, the success story of the Russian River Brewing Company is the story of a career change: Originally, Vinnie Cilurzo came from a winemaking family in southern California. There he started homebrewing in the late 1980s. He met Natalie, who fell in love not only with him, but also with beer brewing. Today, both are owners and operators of a new brewing facility that is extraordinary in many respects. Read more here!

New brewhouse delivered to Hanuman Brewery in Phnom Penh ++ As a new player in Cambodia’s emerging beer market, the company is relying on the expertise of a company with over 165 years of experience: ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA. The new brewery is planned to be completed in the first half of 2021. Despite all challenges caused by COVID-19, the turnkey project is on budget and on schedule.


During the last few years, our companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and China have grown together under the umbrella of CIMC Enric Tank and Process B.V. (CETP).

It’s our tradition of longstanding global relationships that allows us to give our customers answers they can rely on. We know the challenges to our customers and meet them with state of the art and practice-approved solutions.

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