ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2022 - Focus on mashing and tank construction

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH will use the parallel event “BrewExpo America” to provide information about its complex range of products and services, which is particularly interesting for the framework conditions of North American craft brewers. The focus of the trade fair presentation at booth 5705 will be on mashing and tank construction. Furthermore, DME Process Systems Ltd, Canada, which belongs to the same group of companies, will be presenting itself at the booth, rounding off the portfolio with standard solutions also for small brew sizes.

Focus on mashing and tank construction

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA’s range of products in the field of wort preparation extends from the malt intake via grist mills, mash vessels, all currently relevant lautering systems, wort kettles, whirlpools up to wort cooling systems. At the „BrewExpo America“ ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will be presenting the mash agitator COLIBRI by ZIEMANN.

This mash agitator primarily is a combination of the advantages of several mixer geometries. A perforated plate above the bottom heating zones ensures the required flow and mixing. At the end of the perforated plate, two solid bearers bypass the shell heating zone like an anchor agitator. The bearers have a spiral, which passes through the mash with its wing-like profiles. The homogenizing effect of the COLIBRI is further intensified by an inclined transverse bracing. Overall, the COLIBRI ensures the requested turbulences at the boundary layers of all heating zones as well as the horizontal and vertical homogenization of temperature and concentration.

With this design, COLIBRI offers many advantages, especially for craft breweries. These include: ideal heat transfer into the mash and a self-cleaning effect on all heating zones, which prevents fouling, the highest possible mash concentration, maximum flexibility regarding the use of raw materials, low shear forces, high enzymatic conversion rates.

The second trade fair focus – tank construction – is another proven core competence of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA.

As one of the largest tank manufacturers worldwide, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA covers this area with all types of fermentation and storage tanks, bright beer tanks, yeast tanks and all necessary CIP tanks. These are preferably delivered in one piece. If a one-piece delivery is not possible, the assembly is carried out with own technologies on construction sites all over the world.

The know-how and extraordinary vertical range of manufacture including the in-house production of tank bottoms and tops, guarantees highest quality as well as adherence to dates and deadlines - all this with shortest delivery times thanks to corresponding capacities. With the high-quality hygienic design, a maximum of biological product safety can be achieved.

By the way: ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has compiled many essential basics and tips for the selection, equipment and installation of a tank in its “White Paper”, which can be downloaded, free of charge, at https://www.ziemann-holvrieka.com/de/updates/downloads/whitepapers.