Customized tanks for the dairy industry

ZIEMAN HOLVRIEKA supplies dairies with storage and process tanks and CIP systems, but our services extend far beyond the production and delivery of these. We also provide advice where necessary on designs, cooling and heating methods and cleaning questions. This makes us your reliable partner throughout the entire process – from the planning phase to installation.

Extensive process know-how

Bild1 As an experienced manufacturer of storage and process tanks, we are familiar with the high quality requirements prevailing in the dairy industry and support our customers in meeting these strict directives. Modern production processes, consistently hygienic design and a profound level of process know-how ensure that we can provide our customers with the storage or process tank that exactly meets their specifications and, additionally, is easy to clean.

Engineering with ZIEMANN HOLVREKA

We determine the specifications for storage and process tanks in advance for each project to enable us to provide you with the ideal product. This involves our calculating

  • the tanks according to regulations
  • the stability of the tanks, taking potential wind, snow and seismic loads and their anchoring into consideration
  • the exact heating and cooling systems needed relative to the exchange surface and the heat and cooling media requirement
  • the aeration cross sections required for CIP
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  • Bild3

Plant or on-site manufacture: Production with maximum precision

All our tanks are manufactured to the highest level of precision, inspected and then delivered to the customer as a single unit and installed. Where high transportation costs, infrastructural limitations or logistical problems prevent this, we choose the simplest solution: On-site assembly of the tank at your location. We manufacture individual components for on-site tank realization of this kind at one of our plants and assemble them at the installation location. You can be sure of receiving the exact tank you require – a customized, turnkey solution.