From design to installation: ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is the most reliable partner

Although dairy products come in numerous variations and applications, they have one thing in common: The process always requires the ultimate in process control and production resources. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA delivers storage and process tanks to this challenging industry.

We support dairy producers and suppliers in issues surrounding tanks and CIP systems. Our services exceed the production and delivery of tanks. On request we advise on embodiments, cooling or heating methods, cleaning issues, etc. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA also arranges the complete transportation and installation of tanks. These services make us the most reliable partner, from design to installation of tanks.

Shop fabricated tanks

Due to state-of-the-art production methods, our storage and process tanks feature particularly smooth surfaces. Thus ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA sets standards in the industry, which even exceed the common requirements of international industrial standards. Our tanks ensure a more reliable quality maintenance of the stored product and require less cleaning. In conjunction with our hygienic design, maximum biological safety is guaranteed. In our group of companies we have several production facilities in Europe (Menen, Randers, Emmen, Buergstadt) and China (Nantong). All tanks are manufactured with the highest precision and are specially designed to meet the requirements of each individual project.

On-site fabrication of tanks

Sometimes tanks cannot be delivered in one piece. Reasons can be high transportation costs, physical limitations of infrastructure or logistics, etc. In such cases we can manufacture the tanks directly on site at the production plant. If this method is chosen, the individual components are prefabricated at the factory and inspected according to the regional regulations of the country of destination. Afterwards the tanks are shipped to the erection site in parts that can be easily assembled.


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