Brewing is an energy-intensive process. So far breweries have been meeting this challenge by installing more efficient brewing processes, plants and systems. This is clearly the best decision in the long term; however, a downside is the limitation of the variety of styles of beers that can be produced. Thus, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is taking things one step further by linking the required sustainability to the desired technological freedom.

Our energy-optimized brewery plants are interlinked like the gears of a clock. They use an intelligent energy storage and distribution system. The energy management system is fed by renewable energies. The result is a brewery that is independent of fossil fuels and that allows the brewmaster to brew with traditional recipes while creating new styles of beers.

Harvesting cold with ICE AGE

T3113 Industries Beer Turnkey 21st CentutryICE AGE: Supplying a brewery with natural cooling.

Snow has excellent innate cooling properties and this fact has led to its use for 'storing coldness' since primeval times. Based on this natural phenomenon, ICE AGE is a novel technology that uses snow as a renewable source for cooling applications in the brewery. Snow lances are used to produce snow, and as it melts, the thermodynamics of cooling come into play. ICE AGE harnesses this cold to supply the brewery with cooling energy, resulting in significant savings in electrical energy usage.

Partnership with KHS

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA and KHS, an expert for filling and packaging solutions, combine their core competencies to make your production more efficient while reducing costs; in short: get fit for the 21st century.

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