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Top Notch Brewery in Miltenberg

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Limited space for new brewhouse

Top Notch Brewery in Miltenberg

One year brewhouse expansion of Brewhouse Faust oHG – a technical/technological field report

“Internationally completely insignificant! Nationally rather secondary! Regionally the hammer!” – With this self-ironic slogan, Brewhouse Faust zu Miltenberg once positioned itself on the market. Since the brewhouse expansion a year ago, however, the company has been among the international leaders in terms of technology.

Due to the continuous growth of the Faust brewery, there was a capacity bottleneck in the brewhouse, which meant that brewing had to be carried out seven days a week. In addition, the outdated lauter system and automation system were no longer up to date. A complete solution was therefore inevitable.

Faust Brewery chose Ziemann Holvrieka’s complete package of brewhouse innovations based on many years of cooperation and positive experience in other projects. The challenge was to find new locations for the brewhouse vessels in the limited space of the historic brewery. The difference in height between the wort kettle and the whirlpool also caused difficulties.

Despite the construction challenges, the ambitious schedule was met. Just three weeks after the start of installation, the first brew was in the fermentation cellar. The beer was released as planned after six weeks. The new brewhouse offers higher capacity and numerous technological advantages, including energy recovery by connecting the whirlpool to the PfaDuko system and complete treatment of the brewing water in the brewhouse. More homogeneous mixing of the mash is achieved by an additional baffle, and oxygen pickup during mashing-in has been reduced.

The brewhouse expansion at Brewery Faust has catapulted the company technologically into the “First Class” of the brewing industry. The successful implementation of the project has increased capacity, reduced energy consumption and improved the quality of the brewing processes. As a result, Brewhouse Faust not only remains a great address regionally, but is also competitive at the highest level nationally and internationally.

Top Notch Brewery in Miltenberg
Top Notch Brewery in Miltenberg Top Notch Brewery in Miltenberg Top Notch Brewery in Miltenberg