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New Brewery in Togo with German Roots

Lomé, Togo


Société Nouvelle de Boissons S.A. (SNB)




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New Brewery in Togo with German Roots

Société Nouvelle de Boissons S.A. (SNB) has recently started beer production in their new Greenfield brewery in Togo. The focus of this project has been on German plant engineering, brewing technology, and technologists, due to the historical connection between Togo and Germany. Togo was once a German colony and has maintained a special relationship with Germany ever since.

The small West African country of Togo, with an area roughly equivalent to the German states of Hessen and Baden-Württemberg, shares borders with Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso. Togo has experienced economic growth, reflected in its increasing beer consumption. SNB, a Togolese investment company, decided to cater to the premium beer segment by using German products and meeting quality standards.

SNB partnered with Brewtech, a Hamburg-based engineering and consulting company, to develop the recipes and brands for the brewery. To turn their vision into reality, they collaborated with Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH, a renowned supplier of brewing equipment. The turnkey project included the process layout, engineering, installation, and commissioning of the brewery.

The new Greenfield brewery is designed to produce 200,000 hectoliters of beer annually, along with 30,000 hectoliters of carbonated soft drinks. It features a malt intake capacity of 20 tons per hour and a brewhouse that can produce up to 10 brews per day. The fermentation and storage cellar consists of 14 cylindro-conical tanks, and the beer is clarified and stabilized in a filter cellar.

The brewery’s design emphasizes openness and visitor-friendliness, with a central walkway and a pipe bridge running through the entire facility. SNB aims to attract visitors to the brewery and plans to create a beer garden where visitors can enjoy freshly tapped beer while observing the brewing process.

With the flexibility to expand production capacity, the Greenfield brewery is well-prepared for future demand. SNB’s venture marks an exciting chapter in Togo’s brewing industry, combining German expertise with local investment to meet the growing demand for premium beers in the country.

New Brewery in Togo with German Roots
New Brewery in Togo with German Roots New Brewery in Togo with German Roots Togo Sudhaus