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CHF decides in favor of Ziemann Holvrieka

Cologne, Germany


Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG




Replacement of existing lauter tun

CHF decides in favor of Ziemann Holvrieka

Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG, also known as Früh, has once again chosen to work with Ziemann Holvrieka for the expansion of its Feldkassel brewery. Früh and Ziemann Holvrieka are linked by a company tradition that goes back over a hundred years. In the 1980s, Früh relocated its brewery to the north of Cologne and chose the renowned brewhouse equipment from Ziemann Holvrieka.

With an annual production of 400,000 hectoliters, the brewery reached its capacity limits and planned an expansion with proven brewhouse technology from Ziemann Holvrieka. The first phase of the expansion was completed in March 2020. A lauter tun type LOTUS with a diameter of 6.40 meters and a spent grains silo system were installed. This was followed in the third quarter by 14 stainless steel ZKTs as well as a walkway system, dome fittings, and an electropolished cone. In September 2020, the project was completed with the installation of the tank accessories, process piping and the construction of a CIP system.

Holger Wunsch, sales manager at Ziemann Holvrieka, is pleased with Früh’s confidence and emphasizes the company’s attractive solutions for breweries of all sizes and beer styles.

Bodo Böttcher, Technical Manager at Früh, explains that the lauter tun is the heart of the brewhouse and they did not want to take any risks. Therefore, the choice fell on the Lotus from Ziemann Holvrieka, which ensures fast and flexible lautering with high yields. The fact that Ziemann Holvrieka was the supplier for the expansions in the hot and cold block and planned the entire project from a single source was an important factor for Früh.

Ziemann Holvrieka’s range of products and services includes wort preparation with malt intake, grist mill, mash tuns, lauter tuns, mash filters, wort kettles and whirlpools. The company also offers the new Omnium brewing process. Fermentation and storage tanks, pressure tanks, yeast tanks and CIP tanks are provided in the cold block. Ziemann Holvrieka is also an expert in process and cleaning technology, process piping and the development of individual beer recipes.

CHF decides in favor of Ziemann Holvrieka CHF decides in favor of Ziemann Holvrieka