Tanks and process technology for the beer, beverage and liquid food industries

Ziemann Holvrieka tank manufacturing in 1903 ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has an 170 years lasting tradition in manufacturing brewhouse equipment.

Since 1852 ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has been offering tailor-made solutions for the beverage industry. In 1852 August A. Ziemann established a coppersmith workshop. The first brewhouse was delivered to China in 1903 – long before the beginning of the age of globalization. Since 1947, Holvrieka has been playing a pioneering role in the development, manufacture and installation of stainless steel tanks. Nowadays you can find our solutions everywhere in the world.

The technical knowledge of our engineers paired with practical experience from countless projects makes us a strong and reliable partner. Our customers may trust in us finding the best solution for their individual needs – technically and economically.

It’s our tradition of longstanding global relationships that allows us to give our customers answers they can rely on. We know the challenges to our customers and meet them with state of the art and practice-approved solutions.


Strong and reliable backgroundZiemann Holvrieka facilities in Europe and AiaProduction facilities in Europe and Asia make ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA most flexible.

Within the last few years, our companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and China have grown together under the umbrella of the CIMC Enric Tank and Process B.V. (CETP). CIMC Enric Holdings Limited is a company listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 3899.HK). It is engaged in the development, engineering, design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of a wide spectrum of transportation, storage and processing equipment that is widely used in the liquid food, energy and chemical industries. CIMC Enric strives to be a global leading equipment manufacturer and provider of related project-engineering services in the liquid food, energy and chemical industries.