Customized engineering and design leads to successful production plants

Every successful production plant is based on well thought out and customized engineering and design. Regardless of where or how big the project is - customers from all parts of the world can count on ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA as a competent and reliable partner.

T4200 Services Engineering and Design 1We design and plan every detail of the process with regard to the specific customer requirements.Basic process, tank and vessel planning

Many individual parts form a functioning whole. The engineers from ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA design and plan every vessel, tank and every element of the process with regard to the specific customer requirements while always focusing on the cost-effectiveness of the plant.

Arrangement planning

The secret is in the details. In a well thought out arrangement of the vessels and logically planned piping for example. This is what ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA engineers always have in mind when designing a production plant.

T4200 Services Engineering and Design 2Our customers may expect a well thought out layout, based on our knowledge and experience.Layout planning

A sound layout is the basis for smooth and successful implementation of a project. Our engineers are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of beer, juice or other liquid food production and, based on this knowledge and experience, they design a well-considered layout in every respect.

Master planning

Good planning is half the battle won. The master plan of a project incorporates the interaction of all projects with the future in mind. All processes are included in the planning - from delivery of raw materials to shipping the bottled and packaged product.

T4200 Services Engineering and Design 3Our engineers make sure that the process runs optimally.Detailed process design

Now comes the crunch. Each valve must fit perfectly, each section of pipe must be correctly calculated. Our engineers ensure that the process runs optimally so that in the end the best possible liquid food is produced.

Architectural studies

All production plants have buildings. On request, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will also provide support during the architecture and building planning phases. Notwithstanding the above, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will provide the customer information as well as all relevant data and design details required for the civil and architectural designs of the project.