From single storage tanks to cargo tanks and turnkey plants

Fruit juices are the basis for a wide range of end products. The juices must follow a long and often complicated route. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA supplies both the knowledge and the means to make that route practicable and manageable. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA provides effective solutions for storage, land and sea transport and turnkey receiving terminals. In this way, our customers achieve added value throughout the logistics supply chain.

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Our portfolio includes

  • Juice vessels
  • NFC, FCOJ tanks
  • Automation
  • Processing
  • CIP
  • Cooling

Worldwide, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is closely involved in the realization of distribution flows. Also we are very involved in processes inherent to fruit juices (NFC) and concentrates (FCOJ). By providing advice on location, our involvement already starts in the country of origin. We combine the manufacturing of tanks, installations and process equipment with timely delivery.

Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects by ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA encompass the management, planning, design, engineering, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning of complete processing lines with required support equipment delivered on schedule and within budget.

Ship cargo systems

We develop and manufacture modular systems for liquid bulk transport and storage. Tank modules with or without thermal conditioning systems can be installed in an existing or new ship. The modules can also be used as an-shore storage in a harbour along your logistics chain.