Hard Seltzer production plant under construction

At present, Hard Seltzer production is certainly the greatest success story in the global beverage market. In the epicentre USA, for example, sales rose by 200 percent in 2019. This trend is still unbroken: between the beginning of March and the end of May 2020, Hard Seltzers worth one billion US dollars were sold in the USA. Next year, the sales figure is expected to be 3.5 billion US dollars. In general, Hard Seltzer is a fizzy, water-based alcoholic beverage with added flavours. It is considered low in carbohydrates, with fewer calories than other beverages and an alcohol by volume of around 5 %. Most Hard Seltzers obtain their alcohol from the fermentation of liquid sugar, often with a malt content. Colour, smell and taste are removed from the fermented beverage by means of filtration. Afterwards, the beverage is carbonated and mixed with different flavours. Another variant is to add alcohol in the form of spirits.

Since Hard Seltzer has been an extremely successful beverage in the USA, brewers worldwide are considering adding their own Hard Seltzer to their product portfolio. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is the right partner for such a project: both for extensions of existing brewery plants and completely new Hard Seltzer production plants. Please see the short information about our Mark Anthony Brewing project.

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA – the right partner for every Hard Seltzer production project

Many breweries already have the necessary infrastructure and relevant plant components to produce Hard Seltzer. With a few additional process units and the appropriate advice from our experts, high-quality Hard Seltzer can be produced. Another option is to invest in a separate, turnkey production plant. Our experts will be pleased to advice you right from the start on topics such as raw material selection, production process, fermentation and filtration.

Achieve your goals with the right partner

You set the goals, we help you to achieve them. In this context, we ensure that the time schedule is adhered to, that the project remains within the budget and that the required product quality is achieved. Like no other company, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA implements complete turnkey hard seltzer production plants based on efficient and sustainable solutions – from the engineering and design up to the handover of the complete plant. Many successful projects in the brewing and spirits industry prove this, and increasingly also in the Hard Seltzer production.

High Hard Seltzer quality

A perfect product is the basis of your success and we provide you with this basis. We design the production processes and process units in accordance with hygienic aspects, and we also ensure this during manufacture of the plants and systems. Our global network of production facilities meets the highest quality requirements.

Cost-efficient trials

Reduce your costs for trials around your new Hard Seltzer products at an early stage. In our pilot plant, you can carry out small-scale trials. We enable you

  • to test the production process that suits you best
  • to process different raw materials
  • to find the most suitable fermentation method

All this on a small scale, but in an industrial environment. Thus, you are quickly able to make decisions leading to the desired success.

Seamless integration

With us, you have one contact for all aspects relating to your hard seltzer production project, because we also take care of the seamless integration of other process units, components and utilities. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is not bound to specific suppliers. We choose the solution that suits your needs and requirements. In doing so, we always keep profitability, technology, reliability and service in mind. Due to our many years of experience with turnkey plants, you can be sure that the integration will work smoothly.

Strong safety culture

As an international company, we have developed convincing systems for occupational safety. Systems that function worldwide and that must comply with different laws. By developing HSE management models, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is able to maintain a high level of performance worldwide while ensuring compliance with the respective laws. This performance enables us to achieve excellent safety in terms of KPIs, which we will be happy to present you in a personal meeting.

New to the Hard Seltzer business?

Even as a new player in the Hard Seltzer market, we will develop the right solution for you. Our well-experienced engineers master the process and know what is necessary to produce high-quality Hard Seltzer. Last but not least, we train your team so that your project becomes a success.

In short: you want to produce Hard Seltzer? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., no matter in which country of the world you want to produce.