ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA engineers, manufactures and installs craft brewing equipment around the globe – for maximum flexibility and creative beers.

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA – your manufacturer for microbrewery equipment

In our own production facility, we manufacture all craft brewing equipment such as mash tuns, lauter tuns, wort kettles and whirlpools. Furthermore, we manufacture all tanks, from fermentation and storage tanks up to bright beer tanks. Craft brewers love to visit our production facility and see how their equipment is manufactured.

Three factors make our brewery plants so unique: Made in Germany, decades of experience coupled with our innovative solutions.

T3114 Industries Beer Turnkey CraftZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA offers technologically sophisticated brewhouse equipment.

Our craft brewing systems - maximum flexibility from the malt intake up to the bright beer tank cellar

Creative craft beers require flexible plants and equipment, since as many different raw materials as possible should be able to be processed in varying quantities. The brewing processes should also be as flexible as possible. For this purpose, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA supplies tailor-made solutions. This provides craft brewers with every opportunity to give free rein to their creativity.

Craft brewery solutions from one source

The experts of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA plan, engineer and automate the processes and cleaning technology in all production areas, including the installation of process pipework and the integration of all required utilities. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is not bound to specific suppliers. We choose the solution that suits your needs and requirements. In doing so, we always keep profitability, technology, reliability and service in mind. Due to our many years of experience with craft brewery equipment, you can be sure that the integration will work smoothly.

Craft brewing equipment worldwide

No matter where in the world you are planning your craft brewery: we are your competent partner. Because we accompany you from the very beginning and plan your project according to your ideas. We always take local conditions into account and keep in mind your future growth. With your new ZIEMANN HOVLRIEKA brewery, there are no limits to your creativity.

Our craft brewing solutions at a glance:

Read more about our solutions here:

Trials in our pilot plant

Which lautering system is right for me? Which automation solution should I choose? Can I use alternative raw materials?

Get answers to these questions at our pilot brewery, where you can carry out trials on a small scale: Simply test two automation solutions in parallel, compare the performance of a lauter tun with that of a mash filter or test different raw materials. Trials in our pilot plant enable you to make decisions that lead to the desired success.

Why you should choose ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA

Simply because we allow craft brewers to:

  • Develop and brew their own recipes
  • Cast-out different brew sizes
  • Manage different types of yeast
  • Produce up to 12 brews per day
  • Explore alternative raw materials
  • Occupy and clean the brewing vessels separately
  • Add hops also in fermentation and storage cellar
  • Individually adjust brewing capacities
  • Integrate and use renewable energies

In short: to successfully brew creative beers now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum size of a ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA brewhouse?

The first question is how much beer per year you want to brew. Then you consider how many days a year you want to produce. If you can then estimate how many brews per day you can produce, this results in the approximate brewhouse size. The smallest ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA brewhouses usually start at about 50bbl (~60hl). Since these are only approximate values, please get in touch with our experts for advice.

If you need a smaller brewhouse, our sister company DME from Canada has suitable solutions for you.

What brewers need to know about the quality characteristics of cylindro-conical tanks (CCT) and what they should consider when planning their tank cellar

The most important advantage of a cylindro-conical tank (CCT) as compared to the traditional combination of open tun and horizontal storage tank is the closed fermentation system. It reduces the risk of microbiological contamination to almost zero. Further important advantages for brewers are:

  • Ideal tank for CO2 recovery, which makes the brewery independent of other CO2 sources
  • Yeast can be selectively harvested, which reduces the risk of autolysis
  • Highly efficient automatic CIP cleaning
  • Reduced cooling energy consumption due to direct tank cooling
  • Higher fermentation and storage volume per operating area
  • etc.

However, a tank must meet high quality requirements in order to benefit from all these advantages. It must be tailored to the specific needs of the brewery regarding size, equipment and installation. Our whitepaper contains the essential principles for this task and clues based on many years of experience in tank construction. Please download our whitepaper here.

Now it is up to you: get in touch with us