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New Holsten Brewery

The Holsten Brewery had been brewing on Holstenstrasse in Hamburg-Altona for 140 years when, quite simply, it became apparent that this location was no longer perfect in terms of its logistical infrastructure and brewing capacity. Holsten’s parent company, the Danish Carlsberg Group, then decided to move the brewery to the southern edge of Hamburg. The brand new brewery complex was dedicated in a ceremony in November 2019. A highly efficient lauter tun brewhouse is at the heart of this development, and this facility is presented in the following article.

In cooperation with the City of Hamburg, Carlsberg commenced the search in 2013 for a new location suitable for its brewing business. An ideal site was found on the opposite bank of the Elbe in Heykenaukamp, an industrial zone in the Hausbruch quarter close to the A7 freeway.

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Revolutionary brewhouse design is implemented for the first time in the Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf

With NESSIE by ZIEMANN, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH, Ludwigsburg has developed a revolutionary mash filtration process, which at the same time opens the door to a completely new process of wort production. The brewing process OMNIUM by ZIEMANN, which celebrated its world premiere at the drinktec 2017, is the result of interdisciplinary research and development work and is now being implemented for the first time in a new brewhouse. This pioneering role is taken by the medium-sized Reckendorf brewery in Franconia.
“The decision in favor of the OMNIUM brewhouse is essentially based on the greater flexibility. The brewhouse tasks are divided into sub-processes and optimized accordingly. This allows us to work with a wider variety of raw materials, such as traditional cereals, which are nowadays considered to be less suitable for industrialized production processes”, explains the graduate engineer and brewmaster Dominik Eichhorn, who is responsible in the third generation for the fortunes of the family brewery.

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On the way to become a “must-see”

The American Yards Brewing Company has decided to realize the construction of its new brewery in cooperation with Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH. In addition to tanks, Philadelphia’s largest craft brewery ordered a complete new brewing line including malt handling. The brewhouse went into operation in March 2018. After successful flavor matching, Yards Brewing Company has been producing exclusively with the new brewhouse for over a year now.

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From 0 to 280,000 hl

At the beginning of the year, a new state-of-the-art brewery went into operation in Uzbekistan. In its first expansion stage, the Zomin Brewery is designed for an annual output of 280,000 hl. Thus, the first brewery of Toshkentvino Kombinati has become one of the largest breweries in Uzbekistan. The production facility was equipped with the innovative plant technology of Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH, which was also responsible for the turnkey installation of the process part. In the following a portrait.

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Safe Transportation of Fruit Juices on the High Seas

In order to transport fresh juices and juice concentrates as efficiently as possible, Citrosuco, the largest global producer of orange juice concentrate, relies on tanks and process technology from the plant manufacturer ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA. The equipment was installed on the cargo ship MV Citrus Vita Brasil, which is now tailor-made and designed for the transport of juices. 27 million litres of juice can be transported from Santos in Brazil to the United States and Europe in a total of 15 tanks.

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Cervecería Centroamericana places another order: Brewhouse plus cellar expansion

For Cervecería Centroamericana in Guatemala, beer is not only a beverage. It is a real passion. One visible expression of this philosophy are the architecture and the technological facilities of the brewery. Thus Guatemala City houses one of the world's most beautiful brewhouses. It will be modernised now, while at the same time extending the cellar area of the brewery.

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Precision work: positioning of the lauter tun through the roof

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has lifted the first of the three new lauter tuns into the brewhouse of the brewery C. & A. Veltins GmbH & Co. KG. The lauter tun, with a diameter of 8.5 metres, had previously been largely pre-assembled in a provisional hall on the premises of the brewery in order to make the production stop of the brewing line as short as possible.

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