Industrial brewing equipment - your competent and reliable partner

In view of the increasing competition, the global brewing industry faces the question: how to produce the beers demanded by the market, at lowest possible costs? In addition, there are an increasing number of country- and/or region-specific challenges in terms of the raw material and water supply. Against this background, continuous production processes, which are controlled fully automatically and monitored inline, are becoming increasingly important. Moreover, all raw materials and resources are to be used with the maximum possible efficiency. At these large production volumes, the proverbial ‘drop too much’ may result in costs getting out of control.

T3111 Industries Beer Turnkey IndustrialZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA offers state-of-the-art industrial brewing equipment.

Industrial brewing equipment for turnkey brewery plants worldwide

For this task too, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is the competent partner for industrial brewing equipment. In all areas of beer production, we have most modern technologies with which large volumes can be effectively handled. With our industrial brewing equipment it is possible to process traditional and alternative starch sources with high-gravity brewing and to use downstream products. We create the infrastructure to change from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources on an industrial scale. Last but not least, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has the staff and the entrepreneurial power to implement challenging turnkey breweries worldwide. Currently this fact is impressively demonstrated by the construction of the world’s largest brewery in Mexico.

We allow industrial brewers:

  • High gravity brewing and the use of downstream products
  • Fast fermentation
  • Maximum amount of brews per day
  • Use of alternative starch sources
  • Inline process management
  • High yields
  • Energy autarky
  • Low OPEX

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