Comprehensive package for your turnkey brewery equipment

All turnkey brewery equipment from one source - convincing overall concepts with well aligned and compatible plant components - that is a ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA turnkey brewery. Developed in close cooperation with our customers beginning with engineering studies up to and including commissioning. Regardless of where in the world a brewery is to be built, expanded, or modernized - customer satisfaction and the quality of beer as the end product are what count for ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA. This can be achieved only if each phase of a project - from the feasibility study to commissioning - is based on quality and precision.


turnkey brewery 01ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA - your expert in turnkey brewery equipment

Brewhouse Plant

Every beer is different. For this reason, each ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA brewhouse is planned individually and designed for maximum efficiency - short brewing sequences, best possible yield, maximum flexibility - tailored to the special needs and requirements of our customers. Always with one goal in mind: to build the best turnkey brewery plant possible to produce the best possible beer.


T3110 Industries Beer Turnkey 2Perfectly tailored cellar plants with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA's tank and process technology.Cellar Plant

The cellar plant of a brewery is a primary factor that determines the character and quality of the finished beer. With our proven and continuously further developed tank and process technology, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA offers tailored solutions that not only take economic aspects and functional performance capabilities into account but also maximum hygienic and biological standards as well.

Production Block

The entire production block of a brewery from one source. From efficient brewhouse technology to well-designed cellar plant equipment and energy-conscious utility planning. This is what ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA customers can rely on.

4 steps to a complete turnkey brewery – our comprehensive package for your profitable investment:

1. Feasibility study:

With our feasibility study we reveal all options within the scope of your specified requirements: beer types, recipes, volumes, engineering, product design at the ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA Technology Centre, marketing consultation services.

2. Financial planning:

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA assists you in the organization of a solid financing and audits the costs at each stage. Plan: a speedy return on investment.

3. Engineering and design:

Exact planning of the production plant down to the last detail. Each vessel, each door and each transport route can be viewed in 3D imaging by means of CAD. P&I diagrams describe the techniques and technology used. Foreseeable market developments and expansion phases are also taken into account.

4. Implementation:

Implementation within cost and schedule estimate. With all technical and technological innovations including automation. Accomplishment of all guaranteed values. Training of personnel on the spot or at the ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA Technology Centre. Start-up and hand-over of the plant. Technical and technological service.

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