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Cervecería Centroamericana places another order: Brewhouse plus cellar expansion

2016 04 CCA GuatemalaThe brewhouse of Cerveceria Centroamericana is one of the world's most beautiful. Now, its mirror image is to start operating; with the corresponding cold block adaptation, this will increase the capacity of the brewery to 4.3 million hl per year.

For Cervecería Centroamericana in Guatemala, beer is not only a beverage. It is a real passion. One visible expression of this philosophy are the architecture and the technological facilities of the brewery. Thus Guatemala City houses one of the world's most beautiful brewhouses. It will be modernised this year, while at the same time extending the cellar area of the brewery.

But Cervecería Centroamericana is prepared to go further: Now a second, very modern brewhouse is to start operating; with the corresponding cold block adaptation, this will increase the capacity of the brewery to 4.3 million hl per year. As was the case with the existing brewhouse and the current extension, the corresponding order was once again awarded to ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH in Ludwigsburg.

The new brewhouse is to produce 12 brews a day, each of approximately 1,050 hl. It will be equipped with a mash tun with a Colibri agitator, a lauter tun, a Shark internal boiler and a whirlpool. Cervecería Centroamericana deliberately chose the variable Shark boiler in order to be able to produce various aroma profiles, ranging from "mild" to rather "edgy". Other components of the order are a hop dosing plant and a CIP plant. The malt intake system will also be extended by adding the innovative T-Rex milling system.

Yet another feature is the hot water operation of the new brewhouse. This will provide Cervecería Centroamericana with the option of converting to sustainably generated energy such as solar thermal energy at any time.

The new cold block comprises eight cylindroconical fermentation tanks with a diameter of 7,200 mm and a capacity of 6,000 hl, which will be manufactured on site. All other tanks and the brewing vessels will be shipped to Guatemala from Bürgstadt. The fermentation tanks will be equipped with very light yet robust domed lids made of polyurethane. The order also includes a filtration line with a capacity of 500 hl/h, including stabilisation, and a yeast cellar with propagation.

The entire project will be handled by ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA on a turnkey basis, i.e. comprising engineering, production, transport, installation, pipework, automation and commissioning.


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