BrewDog PLC, Scotland, places next major order with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA

With the new brewhouse the brewery will be able to produce up to 12 brews per day, each with 500 hl of cold wort. „We are very pleased about this renewed sign of confidence from one of the world’s best-known craft brewers. This once again proves the attractiveness of our solutions, especially in this demanding market segment”, says Florian Schneider, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH.

Successful cooperation since 2014

In its first year, BrewDog brewed 1,050 hl, and by 2014 the brewery had already brewed 90,000 hl. With these seven-league boots the success story continued in the last few years. In order to be able to adequately follow its marketing and sales talent in terms of brewing technology, BrewDog has consistently relied on the cooperation with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA since 2014. A real milestone was reached in 2016, when the two partners built a state-of-the-art brewery in Ellon, in the north-east of Scotland. In this project, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA was responsible for the production, delivery, installation, automation and commissioning of the complete process technology – from the milling plant up to the connection to the bottling plant.

BrewDog places next major order with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA.

Cold block: complex piping and elaborate automation system

Since then, orders for new tanks or an additional lauter tun have been placed at regular intervals. With the current order, BrewDog adds another chapter to its success story. The new brewhouse will be installed next to the brewery in Ellon and connected to its cold block. Here, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will expand the existing filtration and implement two completely new filtration and separation lines. In addition, the yeast and bright beer tank cellar will be technically and mechanically adapted to the new filtration process. The central challenges in this sub-project are the complex piping and the elaborate automation system. The complete package of new brewhouse and cold block expansion is again being handled by ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA on a turnkey basis, this means including engineering, project management, assembly, automation, commissioning and training.