Process technology

2 1 Juice Turnkey ProcessWe deliver aseptic tanks with the complete process installation, including the required pasteurizer, sterilizer and process piping installation.ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA supplies complete direct juice tank farms including the necessary process technology. The direct juice is chilled in specially developed aseptic tank farms with tanks up to a capacity of 100,000 m³ or more. Although our tanks can be designed with cooling jackets, they are often installed in cold stores. The preferred storage temperature is around 0°C, just above the freezing temperature of juice. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA usually supplies aseptic tanks together with the process installation, including the necessary pasteuriser, steriliser and piping.


2 2 Juice Turnkey EngineeringOur plant enables Zuvamesa to process up to 400,000 tonnes of citrus and produce up to 100 million litres of NFC juice per year. The design of the cylindrical storage tanks complies with the latest aseptic standards. The bottom of each tank slopes to a certain lower point, the upper part is dished. All surfaces that come into contact with fruit juice are made of stainless steel and ground to minimal surface roughness.

We use aseptic diaphragm valves for the piping. Seals are integrated into these valves to prevent the ingress of microorganisms. Larger valves that cannot be sealed with diaphragms are equipped with rod seals. Our flanges comply with the DIN 11864 standard to eliminate cavities where bacteria could settle.

The piping starts at the lowest point of the tank to allow complete draining. Nitrogen lines lead to the tank head, creating a protective atmosphere in the upper part of the tank to prevent oxidation of the juice. For the same reason, nitrogen is also used throughout the piping system.

When transporting natural juice, propeller agitators ensure the necessary circulation in the tank. Tailor-made cleaning and sterilization systems ensure aseptic conditions, even with very large tanks. After cleaning and sterilization, the empty tanks are filled with nitrogen to ensure long-term sterility.

Project Management

2 3 Juice Turnkey ProjectOur project monitoring and on-site coordination result in the compliance with all guaranteed values and contractual requirements.Our project managers ensure the safe implementation within cost and schedule estimate. Our project monitoring and on-site coordination result in the compliance with all guaranteed values and contractual requirements. All calculations and layouts are going to be approved and released in advance by an independent classification society. This ensures that all components meet the required high standards.

Service & Support

2 4 Juice Turnkey ServiceWe train your crew to reduce the risk of contamination of your product.The aseptic storage terminals by ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA are equipped with clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place installations. Our process engineers develop complete cleaning programs and train their application.

Proper operation and maintenance of all equipment must be ensured to keep the product sterile. Any failure may result in contamination. In order to minimize the risk of human error, automation systems are installed - at the highest level for always correct procedures and aseptic conditions. Electronically controlled filling and removal additionally ensures the sterility of the end product.

Even fully automated aseptic juice terminals still require human involvement, especially during loading and unloading. Food grade hoses are often used to connect the trucks to the terminals. However, these and the pipelines must be sterilized before the product is pumped through them. We train your staff to reduce the risk of contamination with microorganisms.