Aseptic design for NFC tanks

The storage of NFC places the highest demands on hygiene. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has developed aseptic tanks for this application. Our tank design meets highest requirements so that the microbiological stability of the final product is guaranteed even for storage periods of more than one year.

Positive pressure inside NFC tanks

Asepticity enables sterile processing. After sterilizing a NFC tank, all of its openings must be protected from contamination. Due to the enormous size of the NFC storage tanks, they cannot be operated under vacuum. Sterility is therefore achieved by means of a positive pressure in the vessel, which also has the positive effect that nothing penetrates into the interior in the possible event of leaks.

However, the overpressure alone is not sufficient to guarantee aseptic conditions. If residues adhere to the tank openings, organisms can settle. Therefore, all valves and seals must be protected with a sterilizing medium.

1 1 Juice Design NFCA comprehensive quality control system ensures that all components meet the required high standards.Additional protection for all our pressure vessels is provided by joint seals and valve spindles. These are continuously sterilized with steam, ionophore or ethanol.

Since every vessel opening carries a risk of contamination, we reduce the number of openings to a minimum. In addition, we pay special attention to the entire inner surface: The stainless steel used complies with the highest DIN standard and the complete inner tank welding is carried out in accordance with the ASME standard. With our electric polishing system we achieve a surface roughness of less than 0.8 μm.

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA supplies aseptic tanks from 100 m³ up to 100,000 m³ and hygienic tanks from 5 m3 up to 1,000 m3.

Hygienic design for FCOJ tanks

We supply FCOJ tanks of various dimensions up to large tank farms, including the complete cold store process installation. Our storage vessel and tank storage technology takes into account the sharp increase in viscosity of juice concentrate when cooled to normal storage temperatures of -10°C. Our customers can rely on correct design calculations, such as for static tank loads, pumps and transfer lines.


1 2 Juice Design CleaningOur CIP & SIP ensures a consistently high product.ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA offers CIP and SIP systems (integrated cleaning and sterilization) which effectively remove all residues and deposits and kill microorganisms. This ensures consistently high product quality. Our turnkey storage terminals easily enable the storage over a period of 18 months.

Our CIP and SIP concepts take into account cleaning cycles, water hardness, cleaning temperature, velocity and pressure as well as the composition of the cleaning agent.