Old brewhouse in a new splendor

1 Modernisierung webThe new brewhouse shines brightly thanks to polished stainless steel.

If anything characterizes the Upper Palatinate family brewery Jacob, is its continuity. Since 1758, brewing beer in Bodenwöhr at the Hammersee lake, for 135 years owned by the family and since 1970 relying on the same brewhouse. This brewhouse is undergoing now, since 1986, a second retrofitting including a visual modernization, smaller mechanical renovations and the integration of a state-of-the-art process control system.

2 Modernisierung webThe aim was to visually modernize the old brewing vessels.

In a first step, a wall was removed in order to make the vessels accessible. For the visual enhancement of the brewhouse, polished stainless steel was used as material and a new wooden floor was laid. Consequently, two brewing vessels were cladded with the desired material. Both stainless steel tops were genuine tailor-made products, which were delivered in one piece and brought into the brewhouse. The assembly team first installed the new vent stack, then put the top onto the existing vessel and finally welded both components together. At the same time, both vessels were equipped with a shell made of polished stainless steel. Another visual highlight was the bright instrument desk made of stainless steel.

3 Modernisierung webUntil 2018, this control panel was in use.

A special challenge was the renovation of the lauter tun. The original lauter tun had a very large opening, which should be replaced by a much smaller manhole. It was therefore necessary to weld the individual manufactured parts to the original vessel. Moreover, the lauter tun was equipped with a new spent grains flap.

4 Modernisierung webThe new control system ensures process reliability.

Due to the new design, parts of the existing piping had to be adapted accordingly. Thus, individual pipe routes were installed under the new stainless steel top. The wort kettle even acquired a completely new piping as well as a modern hop dosing system consisting of three vessels.

5 Modernisierung webAfter only two brewing breaks of one week each, the usual continuity returned.

A state-of the-art process control system replaces the control panel

The complete renewal of the process control system was the second investment project. A modern process control system type Braumat replaced the classic control panel. Here too, individuality played a central role. The old programs were replicated one-to-one in the new system.

By the way, the area of the control system was also a key trigger for the modernization project, since the procurement of possibly required spare parts for the control panel became increasingly critical as the risk of an unplanned break in the production was simply too high for the Jacobs family.

Two brew breaks of one week each

Keyword production break: the entire renovation took place in two phases of one week each. In the first phase, the piping was installed and the electrical installation was prepared. In the second phase, the new stainless steel tops and shells as well as the automation system were installed. With this, the primary investment goals of the family brewery Jacob – a modern appearance of the brewhouse and a state-of-the-art control and monitoring system of the brewing process – were successfully implemented.

Shortly afterwards, the brewhouse in Bodenwöhr was operating again with the continuity, which has proven itself for generations…