Perfect heat transfer, shorter mashing times and highest enzymatic conversion rates

T3122 Industries Beer Bewhouse Mashing 1The COLIBRI mash agitator enables perfect heat transfer, shortest mashing times ...The design of the mash agitator plays a decisive role for the entire mashing process. It should achieve a highly efficient heat transfer and avoid “burning” of the mash at the heating zones. Secondly, the mash agitator has to ensure the homogeneous distribution of temperature and concentration. Furthermore, the agitator should work without higher shear forces since these forces may have negative effects on the filtration of mash and beer. All these criteria must be met with a wide range of concentrations and viscosities – keyword: mashing with adjunct cereals.

T3122 Industries Beer Bewhouse Mashing 2... and achieves highest enzymatic conversion rates.COLIBRI mash agitator ensures perfect heat transfer

The COLIBRI mash agitator is a combination of perforated plates, anchor-type agitator blades and spirals. The perforated plate above the bottom heating zones ensures the required flow and mixing. At the end of the perforated plate, two solid bearers bypass the shell heating zone like an anchor agitator. These bearers have a spiral, which passes through the mash with its wing-like profiles. The homogenizing effect of the COLIBRI is further intensified by an inclined transvers bracing. Overall, the COLIBRI ensures the requested turbulences at the boundary layers of all heating zones as well as the horizontal and vertical homogenization of temperature and suspension. The mash agitator operates with a low rotational speed and thus with very low shear forces acting on the mash.


  • Highest enzymatic conversion rates
  • Most efficient use of raw materials
  • Shorter mashing times
  • Perfect heat transfer
  • Self-cleaning effect in all heating zones