Increasing production by improving the efficiency of existing plants

19 01 21 ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA CBC webMore than standard – from a cast-out wort volume of 50 bbl the craft brewer receives the complete brewhouse innovations from ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA.

From April 8 to 11, 2019, this year's Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) will take place in Denver, USA. Udo Funk, sales manager for North America, will give a presentation on Wednesday, April 10, on how to increase the efficiency of an existing brewhouse. At the parallel event "BrewExpo America" at booth #17059, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will be presenting innovative brewhouse equipment, particularly OMNIUM, the revolutionary brewing process representing a completely new way of wort production.

Udo Funk will be presenting technical solutions to increase production by upgrading the existing equipment. Moreover, typical bottlenecks in the brewing process will be identified and practical solutions will be proposed. An upgrade with our new lautering technology will allow 12 to 14 brews per day. Furthermore, we will be presenting our highly flexible tank design that allows you to utilize your available space more efficiently, our industry-leading sustainability solutions and our recently developed craft distilling equipment.

At the booth #17059, these topics can be further deepened in personal talks. However, the main topic at the booth will be OMNIUM, a completely novel brewing process. Here, the brewhouse tasks are divided into subprocesses, which are treated individually and, by subsequently combining partial flows, finally completed in an optimal way. The process has a positive effect on the quality parameters of the wort, which accelerates the fermentation and increases both the capacity of the brewhouse and the cellar. Further results are a double-digit improvement in OBY and up to 40% better hop utilization. This will increase your production capacity, reduce production costs, improve the shelf life of your product, and can even help to boost your sales.

For further information, please visit the CBC & BrewExpo America, booth # 344, or contact Mr. Udo Funk: Phone: +1 (401) 402 0715, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Lars Roed ist neuer Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) beim Tank- und Prozesstechnik-Spezialisten ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA










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