Precision work: positioning of the lauter tun through the roof

2015 11 Veltins38 tons hanging on the hook: the lauter tuns are largely pre-assembled on the premises of the Veltins brewery in order to lift them into the brewhouse as a complete unit.

By means of a 250-ton heavy-duty crane, the lauter tun could be lifted through the open brewhouse roof as a complete unit, inclusive of substructure, drive, various pipes and the internal mechanical components. The lauter tuns of the other two brewing lines will be replaced by ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA in spring and autumn 2016. „The entire conversion takes place during ongoing production. Thus, we always have to put one of our three brewing lines out of operation. Therefore, the time frame for the execution of the work is tight”, explains Dirk Christeinicke, head of brewing technology and project manager for the replacement of the lauter tuns – the major challenge. The new lauter tun must have been fully integrated into the production process after a maximum period of six weeks. After installation of the first lauter tun, the brewhouse roof was closed only provisionally, in order to gain time already now for the modernization of brewing lines 2 and 3.

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