ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA provides individual and tailor-made solutions for the beer, beverage and liquid food industries from a single source. The services are offered worldwide, with the highest quality and the reliability of a global group of experts. The group of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA companies is one of the largest international suppliers for tanks and process technologies.


Axel Zügel joins the Management Board

Axel Zügel is a trained industrial clerk. After completing his training, he worked for a plant manufacturer for several years before moving to ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH in 2004. After gaining a Master of Science degree in Strategic Management, he initially held the position of Purchasing Manager in the company. In this position, he was responsible for ensuring that the supply chain ran smoothly. As Director of Projects EPC, he was subsequently in charge of the order processing, project management, assembly and logistics divisions at the Ludwigsburg site.  More information here.

Yards Brewing Company, Philadelphia

“Working with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA was absolutely awesome. They really understood what we were trying to do. They understood the flexibility that we needed in our brewhouse. We´re proud of the space that we built here with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA. Without them as partners, I don´t think we´d be able to be as successful as we are” – Tom Kehoe (President Yards Brewing)

Watch our newest video with Tom Kehoe in our YouTube channel.

Making BrewDog more sustainable

We here at ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA have been working with the Scottish craft beer specialists since 2013. First, we added four 80 hl fermentation tanks to the brewery in Ellon, in 2015 we implemented a new 300 hl brewhouse and in 2021 an additional lauter tun, a pre-run vessel, an energy storage tank and several fermentation tanks.

Watch the newest video with Martin Dickie to find out how this helps BrewDog improving its sustainability in our YouTube channel.

Whiskey in Dresden/Germany

Germany’s largest whisky distillery is currently being built in Dresden. The plan is to produce 450.000 litres per year of the “Hellinger 42” brand in the Saxon capital. For the process steps of whisky mash production, the Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur UG decided to cooperate with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH, Ludwigsburg. The dynamic mash filtration system NESSIE by ZIEMANN in combination with the T-REX by ZIEMANN was ordered as key technology.  More information here.

Smart process engineering for future expansions

T3132 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Process Technology 1Talk to the experts for complete process engineering in the brewery.

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is the expert for the complete process technology, be it in the brewhouse, in the fermentation and storage cellar or for the yeast management, filtration or bright beer tank cellar.

T3132 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Process Technology 2ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA plans and installs your cellar piping.

The piping is optimally adapted to the individual process steps, taking into account options for future extensions. The production areas are complemented by the required CIP plants and supply systems (e.g. water deaeration plants). Depending on the individual requirements, the systems can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully automated. During the planning and execution, special attention is paid to short, logical piping routes, low media consumption (water, compressed air, CO2, CIP concentrates, energy) and a high plant flexibility.

Brewery tanks: always highest quality

Fermentation and storage tanks - cylindro-conical tanksT3131 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Tanks 1We offer outstanding quality and remain unequalled on the world market.

T3131 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Tanks 2T3131 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage Tanks 3

Our brewery tank portfolio ranges from individual fermentation and storage tanks to complete turnkey plants. We offer outstanding quality and remain unequalled on the world market. This success is based on our manufacturing expertise and the know-how gained in constructing and commissioning countless plants all over the world – all built in close cooperation with our customers.

Bright beer tanks

In addition to fermentation and storage tanks, we also offer bright beer tanks for all requirements and in all sizes.

Yeast tanks

The yeast cellar is a sensitive area. Our electropolished tanks with particularly smooth surfaces ensure a very gentle storage of the yeast as well as optimal yeast regeneration and propagation.

Water tanks

Moreover, we also provide our customers with unpressurized water tanks in various sizes for the different areas of the beverage industry. These tanks are manufactured according to specific requirements and adapted to customer’s needs.

Horizontal tanks

In addition to vertical, cylindro-conical fermentation and storage tanks, horizontal tanks are requested as well. We manufacture these tanks with the highest precision, based on our customer’s needs and requirements.

Details make the difference

The surfaces of the cones allow proper cleaning and complete removal of the yeast and sediments.

Hygenic design of the swivel cone gives our customers the advantage of maximum biological safety.

Temperature sensing device in the casing.

The catwalk with its self-supporting structure has a high rigidity. Walkways and platforms are made of stainless steel and are maintenance free.

Shop fabricated tanks and on-site fabricated tanks: always highest quality

T3130 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage 1ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA tanks: Always the highest quality.

The world's best beers ferment and mature in ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA brewery tanks

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA provides innovative and tailor-made solutions for craft breweries as well as for large-scale breweries. We offer fermentation and storage tanks, bright beer tanks, yeast tanks and all required CIP tanks. We plan, engineer and automate the process and the cleaning technology in all areas, including the installation of process pipework and the integration of all required utilities. For modernisations, capacity expansions as well as for completely new brewery plants – we will take care of them.

T3130 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage 2Exceed the standard with tanks by ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA.

Shop fabricated tanks

Due to state-of-the-art production methods, our fermentation and storage tanks feature particularly smooth surfaces. Thus ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA sets standards in the industry which even exceed the common requirements of international industrial standards. Our tanks ensure a more reliable quality maintenance of the stored product and require less cleaning. In conjunction with our Hygienic Design, maximum biological safety is guaranteed. In our group of companies we have several production facilities in Europe and China. All tanks are manufactured with the highest precision and are specially designed to meet the requirements of each individual project.

T3130 Industries Beer Fermentation Storage 3Shop fabricated or built on-site: We meet our customer‘s demands.

On-site fabrication of tanks

Sometimes tanks cannot be delivered in one piece. Reasons can be high transportation costs, physical limitations of infrastructure or logistics, etc. In such cases we can manufacture the tanks directly on site at the brewery. If this method is chosen, the individual components are prefabricated at the factory and inspected according to the regional regulations of the country of destination. Afterwards the tanks are shipped to the erection site in parts that can be easily assembled.


During the last few years, our companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and China have grown together under the umbrella of CIMC Enric Tank and Process B.V. (CETP).

It’s our tradition of longstanding global relationships that allows us to give our customers answers they can rely on. We know the challenges to our customers and meet them with state of the art and practice-approved solutions.

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