NESSIE by ZIEMANN - Revolution in the brewhouse

With NESSIE, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is revolutionizing the conventional brewhouse processes. The novel separation and extraction process sustainably changes the lautering process due to shorter process times, increased raw material yields and reduced production costs.

NESSIE - Advantages for the brewing process

  • High extract yields
  • High contents of yeast vital substances
  • Better filterability
  • More advantageous fermentation
  • Better foam stability
  • Improved sensory perception

How can these advantages be achieved? NESSIE, as an alternative separation and extraction process, combines the following process steps by means of four rotary disk filters, connected in series:

  • Separation of spent grains and wort
  • Extraction in the counterflow procedure
  • Dynamic washing of solids and their separation

nessie neuartige maischefiltrationNESSIE – novel separation and extraction process

Due to the rotation of the sieve surfaces, the mash is actively transported through the system. The principle of the cross-flow filtration prevents a blocking of the sieve pores. In addition, the cascade arrangement of the rotary disk filters supports the active transport.

The filter units are installed on a frame, resulting in a compact design of the system. The combination of a low vessel volume and a short retention time of the mash significantly reduces the oxygen uptake of the lautered wort. The residual mash particles, which cannot pass the sieve surface, are conveyed to the next filter unit by means of the rotational movement and the gravity. The sparging of the spent grains is carried out in the transition between the filter units. An integrated baffle plate creates turbulences, causing a homogeneous mixing of the residual mash and the sparging water.

The repeated solid-liquid separation results in an optimal extraction of the malt ingredients. At the end of the process chain, the spent grains, as the residual material, is continuously removed. A spent grains buffer is not necessary.

The interaction of design and technological advantages creates new framework conditions for the wort production.

NESSIE - Advantages for the brewing industry

  • Lautering time corresponds to the mash transfer time
  • 3 process steps combined in 1 system
  • Numerous adaptation possibilities
  • Processing of various starch sources
  • The system works independently of the batch volumes
  • Compact design
  • Low weight of the system, also during operation
  • Easy to clean (savings of cleaning agents)