T-REX - mill for lauter tun and mill for TCM mash filter

T3121 Industries Beer Bewhouse Milling 1T-REX: One mill for all grains.

All currently used milling systems reveal several disadvantages: steep conditioning mills cause high maintenance costs for riffles. Dry roller mills result either in higher investment costs or a lower throughput. Hammer mills have a high power consumption and the installed engine power is huge. In addition, all these systems are tailor-made to treat only one or two different brewing grains. If more grains are used, further machines are necessary.

T3121 Industries Beer Bewhouse Milling 2T-REX: One mill for different lautering systems.

The grinder of the T-REX consists of several disks, which are lined up on two opposite shafts. The toothed arrangement of the disks forms a passage area which is enlarged threefold compared to rolls of equal length. Due to the arrangement and structure of the disks, the grist is ground by shear stress, compressive stress as well as cutting stress. The more complex forces result in a very fast and energy-efficient milling of the grain. The grinding elements are equipped with an eccentric adjustment. This construction allows a precise adjustment of the milling gap by means of an electromotive drive.


  • Perfect grist quality
  • More flexibility concerning lauter technology and the use of raw materials
  • Compensation for current disadvantages
  • Exceeding previous performances regarding the raw material crushing
  • Simultaneously saving energy